We Are



Young Bros Presentation 

We are a korean party crew throwing parties and stages all over the europe. Our crew is made up by Producer, Promoters and DJs, Graphic designer, Photographers and local staffs. 

We've collaborated with Singers and Hip hop musician and dancers and performers. 


We've organized our regular parties and stages in the major cities in all over the europe for numerous times. We have very strong based at each cities connected to all the korean music fans and the people who are interested to asian cultural events. 

Our party gathered from 100 to 600 people depends on the city and the condition of the party. 

As we have our regular parties at major cities in europe with a great fan base, it is easy to throw any performance stages and schedule with any musicians who's interested to have europe tour. 

We aim to leave memorable footages with photos and movies during our tour to maintain and develope the quality of our parties and stages. 

At each cities we have our local staffs organizing the parties with us. 

Our concept is party and performance stages with special guests. It is fun, everyone can enjoy the party moment and our special guest can interact with the audience spontaneously. 

Previously our parties are located : 


UK - London, Brighton 


France - Paris, Lyon, Lille 


Portugal - Lisbon


Italia - Milan 


Germany - Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Leipzig


Czech Republic - Prague, Olomouc 


Poland - Krakow, Warsaw, Poznan


Russia - Moscow 


Finland - Helsinki